Prices Up. Profits Down. Careful Review Needed.

Major retailers around the country have warned analysts that profits for the second half of 2022 will be lower than expected. Many of our clients will be dealing with the ever-changing prices, markdowns, and canceled orders, sometimes just before and even during delivery.

The culprit behind this mess continues to be inflation. Of course, supply chain issues are still being felt everywhere. Whether it is a shortage of infant-size diapers or your favorite brand of Sriracha sauce, consumers are frustrated. They take that frustration out on the retailer, who is frustrated with the supplier, who is frustrated with the shipping company, who is… Well, you get the picture.

One of the best ways to deal with at least some of these issues is get help from an audit firm like HRG. We make sure that pricing issues, changes in delivery schedules, or quick decisions to clear out long-held items in a warehouse do not affect your bottom line.

We help ensure that clearance items are not inadvertently processed at the store level as something else, such as defective merchandise. How stores process items can make a significant difference at the end of the day. Fortunately, for you, we are rarely surprised.  We have seen it all before, so we know what to look for when disputing your post-audit claims or researching an unauthorized deduction.

HRG helps suppliers collect money lost from invalid deductions, fines, or underpayments. We carefully audit the funding of events, related transactions, and agreements. Unlike our competitors, we don’t solely rely on catching obvious mistakes with computer programs. HRG has a team of highly experienced auditors to fully evaluate and process our clients’ claims in all categories and from all major retailers.

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